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Renault Samsung’s new SUV adds comfort, strength and style

By Korea Herald

Published : March 23, 2017 - 16:47

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Amid heated competition in the sport utility vehicle segment, Renault Samsung’s QM6 has been gaining interest among local motorists for its powerful engine, bigger interior and modern design, the company said Thursday.

The QM6, unveiled during the Busan Motor Show last year, replaces the QM5. It is 15 centimeters longer than its predecessor and has a longer wheel base than rival Hyundai’s Santa Fe.
Renault Samsung’s QM6 (Renault Samsung) Renault Samsung’s QM6 (Renault Samsung)

The change in the body length has allowed the new SUV to have more space, securing 289 millimeters of knee room for passengers in the backseat, larger than its competitors including Kia’s Sorrento.

The QM6 has cargo space of 676 liters, larger than the QM5’s 429 liters. It also has no raised spot between the trunk floor and the vehicle body, making it easier to unload luggage.

Furthermore the SUV’s Hands-Free Power Rear Gate is a feature that allows drivers to open the trunk door by putting one’s foot underneath the bumper, where there is a motion sensor, instead of touching a button.

Other convenient features include its passenger doors opening wider than other rivals. The SUV’s front seat door can be opened up to 70 degrees, while its backseat doors can be opened up to 77 degrees to make it easier to get into and out of the car.

In addition, the QM6 locks its doors automatically when the driver walks more than 2 meters away from the vehicle and it even has a sliding armrest that can move up to 8 centimeters to suit different body types and heights.

The vehicle’s features were designed and developed for the convenience of passengers, the local office of the French carmaker said, adding that it conducted an intensive survey on its QM5 even before starting to design the next SUV model. The QM6 provides the most optimized options in terms of SUVs for urban drivers, it added.

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