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Park Kyung of Block B invited to join Mensa

Park Kyung of K-pop group Block B has a lot to celebrate this week.

On Tuesday, coinciding with the boy band’s 2,000th day since their debut, Park received the invitation to join Mensa International, the largest and oldest high-IQ society in the world.

“Park Kyung was recommended to take the Mensa test on tvN’s ‘Problematic Men,’” said Block B’s management agency Seven Seasons on Tuesday.

Since joining the variety show last year, the 24-year-old singer has showcased his talents beyond music-making while impressing viewers with his high analytical and problem solving skills.

K-pop boy band Block B member Park Kyung (Official website)
K-pop boy band Block B member Park Kyung (Official website)

“I gained interest in creative brainteasers during my time on ‘Problematic Men,’” Park said during an interview with a local media outlet. “To save myself the embarrassment in case I didn’t pass the test, I didn’t tell anyone that I had registered to take it.”

“I think there will be a chance for me to share new solo tracks once the days get colder,” Park added, hinting at new releases.

Currently with over 120,000 registered members, Mensa invites only those who score among the top 2 percent on the official IQ test to join the organization.

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