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JYJ sings Chris Brown’s song

Famous rapper Chris Brown has participated in composing a song on JYJ‘s upcoming album.

“Chris Brown’s song ‘Valentine’ will be the last track on JYJ’s second full album ‘Just Us’,” the agency said. “The recording was done in a studio in Los Angeles.”

Chris Brown (Sony Music Korea) and JYJ (C-JeS Ent.)
Chris Brown (Sony Music Korea) and JYJ (C-JeS Ent.)
“The song is armed with an addictive melody and sexy lyrics, which will maximize the charm of JYJ’s vocals,” the agency added.

Grammy Award-winning producer Lonny Bereal coproduced the song with Chris Brown. Bereal showed great satisfaction in working with the JYJ members, saying, “To the extent that I wouldn‘t be sure if any other artist besides JYJ pull off this song, an outstanding outcome has come about.”

JYJ’s new album will be released on music sites on July 29.

By Kim Min-jin, Intern reporter (
Korea Herald Youtube