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Kim Ki-duk films get special screening

A scene from Kim Ki-duk’s film “Amen.” (t.cast)
A scene from Kim Ki-duk’s film “Amen.” (t.cast)

Two films by director Kim Ki-duk, which have yet to be released in local theaters, are currently being screened at Cinecube in Seoul through Dec. 21.

One of the two is “Arirang,” a wrenching, cinematic self-portrait of the director which received a coveted sidebar prize at Cannes in May this year.

Written by, directed by and starring Kim, the emotionally raw piece features Kim’s perceived failings as a director after going through a series of “betrayals” by his real-life colleagues in the Korean film industry.

The other film is titled “Amen,” which tells a story of a young woman who goes off to Europe alone in search of her unreachable boyfriend. The entire film was shot by Kim using a single DSLR camera, with no crew members except the starring actress Kim Ye-na.

The film premiered at the San Sebastian Film Festival and BIFF this year.

According to the local distributor of “Amen,” the current two-week event is the last chance to get a glimpse of the movie. The piece won’t be available for theater or TV screenings after the event, nor will it be released via DVD or VOD.

Kim, who is currently overseas, will not attend the special screenings. Popular film critic Darcy Paquet, however, will be joined by “Amen” actress Kim Ye-na on Friday for a special talk with the viewers. For tickets and information, visit

By Claire Lee