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Leather pants can cause varicose veins

By Korea Herald

Published : Dec. 8, 2011 - 19:17

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Leather trousers may be fashion-conscious, but are potentially bad for your health, Hanlim Pharm said Wednesday.

The manufacturer of Antoleave, trophedema pills, said wearing leather trousers or skinny jeans that tightly stick to the legs for a long period of time could lower blood circulation.

This could further develop into chronic venous insufficiency with swollen legs associated with pain, it said.

“In winter, the blood vessels in the leg area contract due to cold weather. In the worst case, varicose veins may result,” said Park Soon-yong, the company’s PR officer.

In order to prevent such a disease, it is important to wear comfortable clothes. “If you have to sit or stand for a long time, try to change your posture once an hour. Also, do not cross your legs. Also, when sleeping, prop up your leg on a pillow to facilitate blood circulation,” Park said.