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KARA, TVXQ nominated for Japan Record Awards

By Korea Herald

Published : Nov. 20, 2011 - 18:27

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K-pop groups KARA and TVXQ have been nominated for the top prize of the 53rd Japan Record Awards, while 2NE1 has been nominated for Best New Artist, the awards committee announced on Saturday.

A major music awards show held annually in Japan, the Japan Record Awards is organized and hosted by the Japan Composer’s Association. 

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Ten acts have been nominated for the top award this year, including Nishino Kana, Mizumori Kaori, Hikawa Kiyoshi, and AKB48. KARA has been nominated for “Go Go Summer!” while TVXQ is being for “Why? (Keep Your Head Down.)”All of the nominees automatically share the Best Song award, and the top prize winner will be announced on the day of the ceremony.

KARA debuted in Japan in 2010, and received the New Artist of the Year Award from the Japan Gold Disc Awards the same year. The group released two studio albums and five singles in Japan since their debut. Their third Japanese single, “Jet Coaster Love” topped the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart during its first week of release.

TVXQ, on the other hand, has topped the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart nine times since their Japanese debut in 2005. Initially a five-member group, TVXQ returned as a duo consisting of Yunho and Changmin in January, after the three original members ― Jae-joong, Yoochun, and Junsu ― left the group over a dispute about their 13-year contract with S.M. Entertainment back in 2009. After their return in January with a new Japanese single “Why (Keep Your Head Down),” the duo also released a Japanese studio album titled “TONE” in September. The full-length album sold more than 200,000 copies during its first week of release.

Meanwhile, 2NE1, which just had a highly successful concert in Hanoi, Vietnam, on Saturday, has been nominated for the Best New Artist prize, along with three Japanese musicians ― Ito Miyu, Super Girls, and Fairies. Like the top prize nominees, the four Best New Artist prize nominees are automatically given a New Artist prize, with the Best New Artist winner honored on the awards night.

The girl group debuted in Japan in September with their mini-album “Nolza.” The album topped Japan’s Oricon chart the same week. They held their first Japanese concert, “1st Live Concert: Nolza in Japan” at Yokohama Arena on Sept. 19 and 20.

Last year, Girls’ Generation was nominated for the Best New Artist, and Big Bang was one of 10 artists to get a Best Song award, for “Tell Me Goodbye.”

The awards ceremony is scheduled to be broadcast live through Japan’s TBS at 6:30 p.m. on Dec. 30.

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동방신기ㆍ카라, 일본레코드대상 우수작품상


인기그룹 동방신기와 카라가 올 한해 일본 음악계를 총결산하는 제53회 일본 레코드 대상의 우수작품상 수상자로 결정됐다.

이를 주최하는 일본작곡가협회가 19일 발표한 부문별 후보자 및 각 부문 수상자 명단에 따르면 대상 후보가 되는 총 10곡의 우수작품상에는 동방신기의 'Why?(Keep Your Head Down)'와 카라의 '고고 서머(Go Go Summer)!'가 AKB48의 '플라잉 겟', 니시노 카나의 'Esperanza', 트리블에이(AAA)의 'CALL' 등과 함께 올랐다.

걸그룹 투애니원(2NE1)은 이토 미유, 슈퍼걸스(SUPER☆GiRLS), 페어리스(Fairies)' 등과 함께 신인상으로 선정돼 시상식 당일 최우수 신인상을 놓고 경쟁을 벌인다.

이번 대회 시상식은 TBS를 통해 오는 12월30일 오후 6시반부터 생방송으로 진행되며, 당일 최고의 영예인 일본 레코드 대상과 최우수 신인상이 결정돼 발표된다.

지난해에는 인기 걸그룹 소녀시대가 4개 팀에 주어진 신인상을, 인기그룹 빅뱅은 10팀에 수여된 우수작품상을 받았다. (연합뉴스)