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Korean researcher appointed to U.N. panel

Kim Hyoun-soo, explosives expert at the state-funded Agency for Defense Development, has been appointed as a member of the International Explosives Technical Commission under the International Civil Aviation Organization, officials said Thursday.

The 54-year-old researcher at the High Energy Density Directorate of the agency is the first Korean to join the Montreal-based commission of the U.N.-affiliated body for a three-year term.
Kim Hyoun-soo
Kim Hyoun-soo

Founded on the U.N. convention on the marking of plastic explosives for the purpose of detection, the committee deals with a variety of issues regarding the production and detection of explosives.

It has 15 to 19 experts on explosives from some of its 190 member countries. Officials said that his entry into the committee would play a crucial role to enhance the country’s status in the international community dealing with explosives.

Kim has gained international recognition for his development of high explosives for precision-guided weapons systems. He joined the ADD in 1986.

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