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Moon says it is time to consider ban on dogs as food

Screen Capture of Aware Korea Instagram
Screen Capture of Aware Korea Instagram
President Moon Jae-in raised the need Monday for the government to consider imposing a formal ban on dog meat consumption in South Korea.

"Hasn't the time come to prudently consider prohibiting dog meat consumption?" Moon told Prime Minister Kim Boo-kyum during their weekly policy consultation session, according to Cheong Wa Dae spokesperson Park Kyung-mee.

The president made the remarks while being briefed by the prime minister on the government's plan to improve the system to take care of abandoned pets, she said.

The spokesperson provided no further details on Moon's remarks in a brief press statement.

A growing number of South Koreans live with dogs at home, but there are dog farms still in operation, where some dog breeds are raised for food.

Moon is known as a dog lover, living with several dogs at the presidential compound.

South Korea has the Animal Protection Law intended mainly to prevent the cruel slaughter of dogs and cats but not dog consumption itself. (Yonhap)

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