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HiteJinro launches sour candy-flavored soju

South Korean liquor maker HiteJinro has released a new low-alcohol sour candy-flavored soju.

The latest addition is a collaboration with Korean confectionery company Orion’s popular sour candy Aisher. Similar to the snack, the flavor has been described as “super sour.”

The Aisher soju marks the fourth in the liquor maker’s fruity flavored soju series, following grapefruit, green grape and plum favors.

The company said the new flavor reflects a recent trend among young consumers to seek fun in consumption, referring to them as “funsumers.” Chief Marketing Officer Oh Sung-tak said, “HiteJinro plans to lead the industry’s growth by producing products that meet various consumer needs.”

Since the release of Jinro Grapefruit in 2015, HiteJinro’s fruity soju series has been a hit in countries like Cambodia, Thailand, the US and China, where its market presence has grown over the last four years, the company said.

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