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Perfume brand launches cologne for pets

Local perfume brand Edenique has launched a label exclusively for pets.

Comoella Puppy Label comprises three types of cologne approved as quasi-drugs for animals. The scents were inspired by lavender, lilac and apple mango.

The products are being sold through online channels and offline shops for pet-related products. According to the brand, they are set to be exported to Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam, the US, Brazil and more. 

Comoella Puppy Label (Edenique)
Comoella Puppy Label (Edenique)

“Components harmful for humans are harmful to animals, too. From selecting the ingredients, I tried to develop a product that is not different from what is used by people,” said Kim O-new, CEO and head perfumer of the brand.

“I will keep on studying scents that can make animals physiologically stable,” she said, adding that she hopes to expand the pet-exclusive label to paw creams and haircare shampoo, among others.

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