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Scandal-ridden director Kim Ki-duk's newest film screened at Cannes

Scandal-tainted South Korean movie director Kim Ki-duk's newest film was unveiled at Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday.

According to the Cannes Film Market, Kim's latest film, titled "3,000" in English, was screened exclusively to buyers on Wednesday night.

Only about 20 invited buyers were admitted to the screening of the 72-minute film, reportedly shot in Kazakhstan, at the Palais H hall in Cannes.


With a "Guest List Only" notice placed at the entrance, many journalists and uninvited people were turned away.

"Only buyers with an invitation are allowed to watch the movie," an official said at the entrance, adding Kim may not visit Cannes.

The screening indicates that Kim may be trying to sell his newest film to the world through the Cannes Film Festival.

The 58-year-old Kim has shunned public appearances in his home country since he was accused last year of sexually assaulting actresses while filming.

Despite protests from South Korean women's rights groups, Kim's 2018 drama film, "Human, Space, Time and Human," was chosen as one of the opening films for Japan's Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival in February, while he was named the president of the jury for the 41st Moscow International Film Festival in April.

The Center for Gender Equality in Korean Film and the Korea Film Groups Alliance issued a joint statement condemning Kim's public activities.

"Director Kim Ki-duk, who has not shown any repentance and reflection, and people who defend and give him opportunities for public activities are inflicting secondary damage to his victims," said the statement.  (Yonhap)

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