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[Newsmaker] Jung Joon-young admits to illicit filming of sex videos, seeks settlement

Singer-songwriter Jung Joon-young admitted to charges of secretly filming and sharing videos of himself having sex with women in an online chat room and sought to settle with the victims, as a local court began to hear his case Friday. 


Jung, 30, was indicted on charges of illicitly filming himself have sex with women and sharing the footage on 11 occasions in the chat room where Big Bang’s former member Seungri and FT Island’s ex-member Choi Jong-hoon are also suspected of having shared illicitly taken photos of women.

Jung was not required to be present at the preparatory hearing, but attended wearing a black suit. He had initially denied the allegations, but he is now seeking to reach a settlement with the victims of his unauthorized sex videos.

In a separate case, Jung is also under investigation for allegedly being involved in the gang rape of a woman on two occasions in 2016. He is suspected of raping the woman together with Choi, who was arrested late Thursday on the charges.

The prosecution is expected to decide whether to indict him after further investigation.

The next preparatory hearing is scheduled for Tuesday.