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Ex-FT Island member arrested on allegations of gang rape

 Choi Jong-hoon, formerly of K-pop band FT Island, was arrested late Thursday on suspicion of gang rape.
Choi, 30, is suspected of having been involved in the gang rape of a woman on two occasions in Hongcheon, Gangwon Province, and Daegu, respectively, in 2016 with four other people from a larger mobile messenger chat room where singer Jung Joon-young also shared sex videos he had illicitly filmed.

Issuing the arrest warrant, the Seoul Central District Court said the charges had been proven and there was a possibility of him destroying evidence.

The victim reportedly said she was sexually assaulted while intoxicated after having drinks with the five in March 2016.

Choi is reported to have admitted to having drinks with the woman, but has denied having sex with her. If convicted, he would face at least five years in prison and up to life imprisonment.

Choi had been already sent to the prosecution on suspicions he received help from a high-ranking police official to prevent media coverage of his drunk driving case. He is also suspected of having illicitly taken a photo of woman and shared it in the online group chat.

Jung was indicted on charges of secretly filming sex videos and sharing them in online chat groups in April. The court began to hear his case Friday.

Seungri is under investigation over allegations he bought sex services, procured prostitutes for potential investors in his business and misappropriated funds of his nightclub Burning Sun. Police sought a warrant for his arrest Wednesday.

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