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Hyundai Motor unveils smartphone-based digital keys

In response to the increasing popularity of car sharing, Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors announced Monday the development of a smartphone-based digital key that allows multiple users to start, operate and control a single vehicle with smartphones.

The newly developed technology allows users to access vehicles without the need for a smart key. The digital key installed in a smartphone allows the driver total access to the car, and the feature will be implemented in upcoming car models, the company said.

(Hyundai Motor Company)
(Hyundai Motor Company)

The digital key also allows access to a vehicle for up to four people, including the car owner. The car owner can customize the digital keys to be shared, restricting certain functions or setting a time limit to vehicle access. Separate credit card-sized card keys and existing smart keys will also be provided. 

(Hyundai Motor Company
(Hyundai Motor Company

“The digital key is the first step to connectivity technology of smartphones and vehicles,” a company official said, “The move is expected to greatly improve convenience in automobile use.”

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