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[Monitor] Korea’s Legoland project finally back on track

The Gangwon provincial government’s Legoland project is finally back on track after a seven-year delay.

The provincial legislature approved a plan on Dec. 14 to build Chuncheon Legoland by 2021. The new park will occupy 1.06 million square meters on Hajung Island in Chuncheon.

It will be equipped with a theme park, resort and shopping facilities. The construction costs have been estimated at 300 billion won ($265 million). The prolonged delay stemmed from the discovery of cultural heritage artifacts that required excavation, as well as from lack of funds and the selection of a new development company to carry out the construction.

The provincial government signed an agreement in May with UK-based Merlin Entertainments, which runs other amusement parks globally.

Under the deal, Merlin Entertainments is to invest 220 billion won in the project and take charge of the overall construction.

The remaining 80 billion won will come from LL Development Co., a consortium jointly owned by Merlin Entertainments and the Gangwon provincial government.

Construction is scheduled to begin in March, and the park is expected to be open to the public in July 2021.

By Yoon Yeun-jung (