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Supreme Court upholds fine for man who sent 236 unwanted messages

The top court on Monday upheld a lower court ruling that a man had to pay a fine for repeatedly sending text messages to a woman, even though she had “blocked” his messages and had not read them.

The Supreme Court confirmed that the man, identified as Lee, had to pay the original fine of 2 million won for violating the law on the use and protection of information and communications networks. 


Lee was indicted on suspicion of sending 236 messages to an elementary school acquaintance, asking for a relationship and threatening to hurt people close to her if she refused.

At his first and second trials, Lee was found guilty of violating the law mandating the “wholesome and safe use” of information and communications networks. The courts handed down a 2 million won fine, reflecting leniency in consideration of Lee’s poor health.

By Yoon Yeun-jung (