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Samsung sets up AI center under Samsung Research

Samsung Electronics will set up an artificial intelligence center under Samsung Research while retaining its mobile, home appliances and chip units, the company said Wednesday.

“We will continue to retain three business units -- consumer electronics, IT and mobile communications and device solutions. A slight reshuffle will be carried out in order to promptly respond to market changes and increase operational efficiency,” a Samsung spokesperson said. 

For its consumer electronics and information technology and mobile communications units, Samsung created an AI center under Samsung Research that was newly set up by integrating DMC Research Center and Software Center.

“We set up the AI center to strengthen advanced research related to artificial intelligence, which is the base technology for the ‘fourth industrial revolution,’” Samsung said.

Cho Seung-hwan, former vice chief of the Software Center, will supervise Samsung Research, while Lee Keun-bae, former AI head at the Software Center, will lead the AI center under Samsung Research.

As for the device solutions unit, Chief Strategy Officer Sohn Young-kwon’s role will be expanded to businesses related to consumer electronics, information technology and mobile communications.

“Sohn’s role in business development will be strengthened to rapidly respond to an environment where industries are converged and to speed up the discovery of future businesses,” Samsung said.

He will continue to serve as chair of the board of directors of Harman, which was acquired by Samsung last year.

“We completed our regular reshuffle and we will hold a global strategy meeting within the year to map out a business strategy plan for 2018,” Samsung said.

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