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LG Chem apologizes over alleged wire-tapping of union members

South Korea’s leading chemical firm LG Chem on Tuesday sent out a statement apologizing for the alleged wire-tapping of its labor union members at its Iksan plant in North Jeolla Province.

LG Chem said that it has requested a full-scale investigation with the authorities to find the facts surrounding the scandal.

The wire-tapping issue broke out Thursday as an LG Chem union member reportedly found a wire-tapping device in their staff lounge.


Upon finding the device, LG Chem union members lodged strong protests, pointing out that they were also in the middle of the talks with the company’s management to negotiate salaries.

On the following day after the finding, the union members visited LG Chem headquarters at the Twin Towers in Seoul to ask the company to make an official apology.

In response, LG Chem had clarified that the installment of a wire-tapping device was not instructed by the company but carried out by individuals who were responsible for the labor negotiations. No actual recording had taken place, the company added.

The company said in the statement that it would take due disciplinary action against anyone found to be responsible for installing the wire-tapping device and would also publicize the investigation results. The company will also prepare measures to prevent a recurrence, it said.

Meanwhile, LG Chem union members on Tuesday held a press conference in front of the National Assembly.

The talks between the labor and management started last month and was originally scheduled to finish in September.

By Shim Woo-hyun (
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