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Oculus Rift poised to debut in Korea

[THE INVESTOR] US tech firm Oculus has filed an application to receive a mandatory radio wave certification for its virtual reality headset in South Korea, an apparent move to release the VR device here soon.

Oculus, owned by Facebook, excluded South Korea from the list of the global markets where its VR device went on sale in January. 

Oculus’ virtual reality headset
Oculus’ virtual reality headset

The Gear VR, developed together by Samsung Electronics and Oculus, has been ruling the domestic market so far.

The US VR firm has also patented its Oculus brands, including Oculus, Oculus Connect and Oculus Ready in South Korea.

When the VR headset was first released in January, Oculus CEO Palmer Luckey said the head-mounted device could not hit the Korean market due to government regulations.

Every electronic device running on networks is required to receive the radio wave certificate from the Korea Communications Commission.

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