Interview with Song Joong-ki: 'I learned a lot from my character'

By KH디지털1
  • Published : Apr 15, 2016 - 18:35
  • Updated : Apr 22, 2016 - 23:59

Song Joong-ki (Blossom entertainment)
This is the second in a three-part series covering a group interview Friday with actor Song Joong-ki in Seoul. -- Ed.

“Descendants of the Sun” has come to an end, and so has Song Joong-ki’s time as the dashing Army Capt. Yoo Shi-jin. But this may only mark another beginning for the 30-year-old actor, whose celebrity status has rocketed to a whole new level since his appearance in the military-themed TV drama. For the first time since the show’s wrap, Song met with reporters in a group interview Friday at Grand Hyatt Seoul to discuss the frenzy of his newfound fame, his future plans and more.

Q: A lot of the “Descendants” filming crew say that you’re a “man’s man” and very masculine on set.

A: A lot of my costars say that. I’m not sure what the standard for being masculine is. I don’t really know what they’re referring to. Maybe it’s because I pick up the tab for our after-work meals a lot.

Q: What are you like when you are dating someone? Is your romance style similar to that of the character Yoo Shi-jin?

A: I learned a lot from my character. I thought to myself, “So this is what you have to do to make your girlfriend happy.” Our scriptwriter Kim Eun-sook made the character, and I understand why so many female viewers fell in love with him. He says things that women want to hear. If I were like him, I would have been much more popular. But do you think men like him really exist? As writer Kim said, it seems like a fantasy.

Q: A lot of people love the drama, but some say that it focuses too much on the romantic aspect and not enough on forming a logical plot. What do you think?

A: I know that there are a lot of opinions out there, some good and some bad. But I’m glad that the show has been talked about a lot. I’m grateful for all kinds of feedback and I respect them all. The show belongs to the viewers once it’s made. I’ve made plans to grab soju with writer Kim sometime soon, so I’ll talk about it with her then. I don’t want to overstep my part in assessing the show.

Q: There are a lot of embarrassing romantic lines that the character Yoo Shi-jin has to deliver in the drama. But you made it believable as an actor.

A: Some say that the script was cringeworthy, and I respect those opinions as well. I didn’t feel that way. I felt confident that I could process the script and deliver the lines in my own style.

Q: Were there some scenes that you didn’t understand?

A: I felt that the kissing scene between Shi-jin and Mo-yeon (the love interest played by Song Hye-kyo) happened too soon. I thought viewers wouldn’t be able to relate to a relationship that moved that quickly. But I was wrong. Viewers loved it.

Q: The character Yoo Shi-jin jokes around a lot. How about you?

A: I do get nervous from time to time. Especially when I’m talking to reporters. But I like interviews. I normally like doing them one-on-one. I like having conversations, you learn a lot about how other people think. If I’m myself and confident, I don’t get nervous easily. I try not to make other people uncomfortable -- I think that’s a very arrogant thing to do.

By Rumy Doo (doo@heraldcorp.com)