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Kim Soo-hyun, Jun Ji-hyun on course for jackpot year

Actor Kim Soo-hyun and actress Jun Ji-hyun are set for another massively profitable year in 2015, propelled by their hit drama “My Love from the Star.”

According to advertising and entertainment industry sources, Jun and Kim’s combined earnings from advertising are likely to break the 50 billion won ($46.2 million) mark for the second consecutive year.

Last year, Jun and Kim earned an estimated 20 billion won and 30 billion won, respectively, from advertising and endorsement fees.
Jun Ji-hyun (left) and Kim Soo-hyun. (SBS)
Jun Ji-hyun (left) and Kim Soo-hyun. (SBS)

Their 2014 earnings were mainly from one-year contracts, and advertising industry sources say that most of their contracts are almost certain to be renewed.

According to industry officials, products represented by the pair benefited significantly from the popularity of the drama. Chinese consumers, in particular, responded well to advertising campaigns fronted by Jun and Kim, industry officials said.

As for their acting careers, Jun is working on a local film whose Korean title translates as “assassination.” The movie is to be released in the summer, and Jun is reported to have ruled out working on any other movies or dramas this year.

Kim has not yet decided on his next project, but is said to be planning to work locally despite calls from China.

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