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Hong Soo-ah and Choi Si-won at backstage

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Published : 2014-07-23 10:30
Updated : 2014-07-23 10:30

Actress Hong Soo-ah revealed a photo taken with Choi Si-won at Weizhoudao, an island in southeast China.

“Yiwan Jichengren. Hee-wang and Hwan-ah~ Currently at Weizhoudao. Go Yiwan Jichengren,” the actress wrote on her Twitter account next to the photo.

In the picture, Hong and Choi pose for the camera, and Choi has his arm around Hong’s shoulders.

“Yiwan Jichengren (Billion Dollar Heirs)” is a Chinese drama series to be aired in 2015.

By Ha Ji-won, Intern reporter (

Photo credit: Twitter

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