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g.o.d. makes grand return with new LP ‘Chapter 8’

Veteran idol group sweeps local charts with new album

Veteran K-pop idol group g.o.d. unveiled its much-anticipated LP “Chapter 8” on Tuesday, officially marking the return of the five original members and their reunion after being apart for 12 years.

Immediately upon its release, the new album swept the nation’s music charts. Title track “Story of Our Lives (feat. Megan Lee)” became the No. 1 song and several others made the top 10 list on major music websites such as Melon, Bugs Music, Naver Music and more.

“Chapter 8” was released in commemoration of g.o.d.’s 15th anniversary. 
g.o.d.’s new LP “Chapter 8.” (SidusHQ)
g.o.d.’s new LP “Chapter 8.” (SidusHQ)
The album was co-produced by renowned producer Double Kick and g.o.d. vocalist Kim Tae-woo. They chose to present music that is “truly representative of g.o.d.” and “able to appeal to people of all ages,” according to g.o.d.’s agency SidusHQ.

Numerous tracks on the album bring back the group’s original sound and signature musical colors, defined by the soaring vocals of Kim Tae-woo, Son Ho-young, Danny Ahn and Yoon Kye-sang alongside Park Jun-hyung’s unique rapping.

One of four lead singles “Story of Our Lives,” featuring vocalist Megan Lee from MBC’s “Star Audition: The Great Birth,” is a warm tune about expressing due appreciation for family, whom many tend to forget as they get on with their lives.

The opening instrumental track “5+4+1+5=15,” recorded by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra, looks back on g.o.d.’s musical history. Excerpts from past hits including “Sky Blue Balloon,” “Dear Mother,” “I Love You and Remember,” “Lie” and “Road” can be heard alongside witty narrations by g.o.d. members.
g.o.d. (SidusHQ)
g.o.d. (SidusHQ)

Another lead single “Saturday Night” is an upbeat song filled with pop-groove sounds reminiscent of “Friday Night” from the group’s second album “Chapter 2.” “An Ordinary Day,” originally recorded on the group’s 6th album without Yoon Kye-sang, was remade for the new album, this time including all five original members.

“Sing For Me” is a collaboration between g.o.d. and popular vocalist IU, showcasing sweet melodies, vocal harmonies and playful narrations. “The Lone Duckling” and “Sky Blue Promise,” g.o.d.’s chart-topping tracks revealed last month prior to the LP’s release, are included on “Chapter 8” as well.

Given the album’s high popularity and heightened interest from a large number of fans, SidusHQ said the group may appear on-screen over the next few weeks.

“g.o.d. may potentially be making television appearances after wrapping up their Seoul concerts,” said the agency. “The members will most likely feature on music programs, though not music ranking programs.”

Meanwhile, g.o.d. will kick off its nationwide 15th anniversary reunion concert tour with two performances on July 12 and 13 at the Auxiliary Stadium at Sports Complex in Jamsil, Seoul. The five idols will continue with performances in Gwangju on Aug. 2-3, Busan on Aug. 15-16, Daegu on Aug. 23-24 and Daejeon on Aug. 30-31.

Pop group g.o.d. (Groove Overdose) is considered one of the most famous K-pop boy bands in South Korea. The group first debuted in 1999 with the single “Dear Mother” and shot to stardom with major hits such as “Lie” and “One Candle,” garnering a large number of fans at the time.

Yoon Kye-sang left g.o.d. in 2002, after which the remaining four members released a seventh studio album “Into the Sky” in 2005 and parted ways the following year to pursue individual careers under separate management agencies.

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