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Norazo works with Noh Hong-chul for next single

Norazo. (Norazo Production)
Norazo. (Norazo Production)
Duo Norazo is collaborating with comedian Noh Hong-chul for their upcoming single “Wild Horse.”

The single, set to be released on Wednesday, will be a lively, upbeat number similar to the group’s previous hit “Superman,” which was released in 2008 as part of their third studio album “THREE GO.”

“Infinite Challenge” member Noh recently collaborated with indie band Rose Motel for the program’s popular annual music festival. This year’s performances were held at Imjingak in Gyeonggi Province where a reported 35,000 fans gathered.

“Noh Hung-chul is known as tone-deaf and not being able to hold a beat, but his ideas and musical sensitivity are amazing,” Norazo said in a statement, “Noh adds a sense of energy through the way he portrays certain things that most people would just pass by.”

Norazo, made up of members Jo Bin and Lee Hyuk, debuted in 2005 with the studio album “First Appearance.” The pop duo is known for their often eccentric get-ups and comical lyrics.

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