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Song Hae-kyo to star in ‘My Palpitating Life’

Song Hye-kyo (official homepage of Song Hye-kyo)
Song Hye-kyo (official homepage of Song Hye-kyo)

Actress Song Hye-kyo will make a comeback to the big screen with a film based on leading writer Kim Ae-ran’s celebrated novel, “My Palpitating Life,” the movie’s production company announced on Sunday.

“Song Hye-kyo has always wanted to work with the director Lee Jae-yong. The casting would not have been made possible without her respect toward the director and trust in the original book,” said an official.

Song is to play an affectionate mother of a son who is suffering from a rare disease that makes him age at a relentless pace. The male lead is yet to be decided as the film is in its pre-production stage.

Song is known to join the new film project after she finishes up her part for “Shengsilian,” a new film by Chinese director John Woo.

By Yoon Ha-youn, Intern reporter