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Samsung SDI opens R&D center in Shanghai

A graphic showing the four locations of Samsung SDI's global R&D network (Samsung SDI)
A graphic showing the four locations of Samsung SDI's global R&D network (Samsung SDI)

Samsung SDI said Sunday that it opened a new research and development center in Shanghai on Saturday, completing its global network of research facilities around the world.

The new center, called SDI Research & Development China, or SDIRC, will collaborate with universities and research institutions to secure localized technologies, analyze industry trends and cultivate local talent.

Samsung SDI especially pinned high hopes on the nation’s state-backed battery industry. On top of the government’s New Energy Vehicle Industrial Development Plan, which aims to build a greener, globally competitive auto industry, numerous universities also run programs for training future battery professionals.

The battery maker also mentioned plans to dedicate a research lab at SDIRC to the development and verification of battery materials.

Through its global R&D network, the company aims to achieve competitiveness by securing key frameworks for battery production such as advanced manufacturing methods and facilities that are specific to the environment of each region -- Europe, the US, and China, respectively.

“By leveraging global technological competence and talent pools, we will further bolster our pursuit of outstanding technological competitiveness,” Samsung SDI President and CEO Choi Yoon-ho said.

Samsung SDI is one of South Korea’s largest battery makers and electronic materials manufacturers. Last year, the company posted a record-high expenditure on R&D of 1.1 trillion won ($821 million) according to its business report published last month.

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