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Han Sung Motor digitalizes documents and launches NFTs for used cars

Han Sung Motor’s certified used car NFT (Han Sung Motor)
Han Sung Motor’s certified used car NFT (Han Sung Motor)
South Korean imported car dealer Han Sung Motor said Friday it has launched nonfungible tokens (NFTs), digital documents and digital warranty for its certified used car customers.

The digitalization of the auto dealer’s documents is a step towards following the global trend of going online, communicating with younger generations, and creating “fandom,” said Han Sung Motor.

The NFTs will contain pictures, videos and texts that certify ownership of the digital warranty for secondhand cars purchased at the dealer. The company said the NFTs will greatly reduce the cost associated with the use of paper and will provide a convenient and secure experience for its customers, as they can easily check information through their smartphones.

The NFTs were developed by national blockchain firm Alman Co.

“We will continue actively integrating digital systems in the future to increase brand familiarity and immersion among millennials and Gen Z,” said Han Sung Motor CEO Ulf Ausprung. “Han Sung Motor will continue to digitalize different sectors and will actively launch ESG campaigns to communicate with customers in their 20s and 30s.”

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