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[Today’s K-pop] Girls’ Generation may return for 15th anniversary

(Credit: SM Entertainment)
(Credit: SM Entertainment)
Sooyoung of Girls’ Generation hinted that the veteran idol group might make a comeback to mark the 15th anniversary of its debut.

On Wednesday during a Q&A session on her Instagram account, upon the request to comment on how she feels about the upcoming anniversary, she simply asked: “Are you ready?”

Earlier this month at the online signing event to celebrate the release of her third full album “INVU,” Taeyeon said it might be possible to see them return. In January, Yuri admitted that they will greet fans in whatever way, as it is a meaningful moment for both the band and its fans.

Last year, Girls’ Generation reunited and appeared in a variety show to mark its 14th anniversary. It debuted in 2007 with the single “Into The New World” and its last album was sixth full-length album “Holiday Night” from 2017.

Kingdom wants to promote Korean aesthetics
(Credit: GF Entertainment)
(Credit: GF Entertainment)

Boy band Kingdom held a media showcase Thursday to bring out its fourth EP “History of Kingdom: Part 4. Dan.”

“We’ve reinterpreted global cultures into K-pop and added our own colors,” said Dan, who will be the main character for this EP.

Focus track “Ascension” is a crossover between gugak, or traditional Korean music, and dance pop, aiming to contain the unique ambience of the former, explained Mujin. With ample use of traditional musical instruments, reeds in particular, they tried to put in Korean sentiments while looking for ways to offer easier access to the genre, he added.

The seven bandmates were donned up in hanbok, or traditional Korean costumes, to highlight a concept that leans heavily into Korean aesthetics. But it is not taking advantage of the recent popularity of Korean culture.

“Kingdom has already finalized all concepts and the order of the album release from the start,” Dan emphasized.

He leads the Kingdom of Change in the seven-track EP that weaves traditional Korean culture into the band’s narrative. Dan and Mujin participated in writing lyrics for “Blinder” and “Illusion.”

Monsta X to greet fans in Seoul
(Credit: Starship Entertainment)
(Credit: Starship Entertainment)

Monsta X will meet its fans in person at its sixth official fan meet event in Seoul from April 29 to May 1.

For the event, the bandmates fashioned themselves after secret agents who work undercover at a restaurant during the day.

The band is gearing up to return next month and set to release an EP named “Shape of Love.” It was originally planned to be fully unveiled on April 11, but the date has been pushed back as Hyungwon tested positive for COVID-19 Tuesday. Kihyun also was confirmed to have contracted the virus on Thursday. 

From May 21, Monsta X will tour the US and Canada, performing in nine cities starting from New York.

Oh My Girl wants fans to feel “real love”
(Credit: WM Entertainment)
(Credit: WM Entertainment)

Oh My Girl discussed its new music in a series of Q&A videos released through agency WM Entertainment Thursday.

The band came out with its second studio album “Real Love” Monday and the LP landed atop all major music charts at home.

The titular track describes the moment you fall in love with our unique color, said Seunghee. It captures the special moment and compares it to a sweet and subtle fragrance.

“Since we sing about more mature love, the interpretations of each member differ slightly,” she mused. The choreography evokes mysterious feelings which are dim yet bubbly, added Hyojung.

Jiho wanted their fans would listen to it as is, “as the song is easy to listen to” and “goes with any mood.” Yubin hoped listeners could feel the bandmates’ sincere feelings for them. 

“Thank you for believing in and listening to our music, and sending lots of love,” said Arin, promising that they will do their best to meet the expectations.
By Hwang You-mee