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[Today’s K-pop] EXO’s special album sells 1 million in preorders

(SM Entertainment)
(SM Entertainment)

EXO’s special album “Don’t Fight the Feeling” went on sale Monday and sold over 1.22 million in preorders, posting another million-seller for the band.
This is the highest number for the veteran idol band that boasts a record of having five back-to-back million-selling albums. The new album marks the ninth anniversary of the band’s debut.
It has been 1 1/2 years since the group’s sixth studio album “Obsession.” There are five tracks, including the upbeat dance number title track. 
Seven out of the nine group members participated in creating the album, while Chanyeol and Baekhyun recently started their compulsory military service. Chen and Suho could not join as they enlisted last year, but Ray, who has been mainly working in China, has joined. Xiumin and Dio have returned after 2 1/2 years since the previous special album, having completed their military duty.
Last week, it launched a web game named Exo-Ship Saga, inspired by the space-themed concept, as part of promotions for the album.

2PM hails return after 5 years

(JYP Entertainment)
(JYP Entertainment)

Boy band 2PM is coming out with a new album on June 28, according to the group’s label JYP Entertainment on Monday. 
JYP Entertainment uploaded a trailer called “The Hottest Origin” for the album titled “Must.” The clip features each of the six bandmates highlighting the fact that it has been about five years -- since the sixth full-length album “Gentlemen’s Game” -- that all six of them worked together. All the members, except for Thai-born Nichkhun, completed their compulsory military service as Joonho returned in March.
They will prove their unmatched presence by demonstrating strength that has been upgraded as well as the epitome of sexiness each on their own, according to the company.
The band debuted in 2008 as a seven-piece act with “10 Out of 10,” and put out a score of hit songs including “Heartbeat,” “Again and Again” and “I Hate You.” Jay Park, then the group’s leader, left in 2010, while Taecyeon, Junho and Chanseong have concentrated on acting.
2PM’s “My House” from 2015 went viral online last year, heightening expectations for the group’s return.

N.Flying drops 1st LP 

(FNC Entertainment)
(FNC Entertainment)

N.Flying unveiled its first studio album -- six years after its debut -- on Monday.
At the showcase held in Seoul the band performed songs from the “Man on the Moon” album for the first time, fully displaying their musical growth with tracks all written by the members.
Lead track “Moonshot” is an alternative rock jam that signifies the willingness to fly to the moon using fear and nerve as momentum, explained Lee Seunghyeop.
Kim Jaehyun was shooting a drama series in Japan while preparing for new music, but practiced with the bandmates via video calls. He also rehearsed on his own until the wee hours so that he could head straight to recording as soon as he returned, added Lee.
“I wanted to be perfectly ready for each song,” Kim went on. “N.Flying can show the most strength when we’re together and I hope you can see how solid and substantial we’ve become.”

Ha Sungwoon puts out 5th EP

(StarCrew Entertainment)
(StarCrew Entertainment)

Ha Sungwoon discussed his fifth EP, “Sneakers,” at an online media showcase Monday.
It has been about seven months since the previous EP “Mirage,” and he said that he has been mainly focused on making the album. He has written five out of the seven tracks, including “On & On” that sings about parting against one’s will. As for the interpretation that it refers to the disbanding of Wanna One, the project group he previously belonged to, he said after brief hesitation that the song is about going back to the past, how you wish you could carry on even though you have to say goodbye.
Through the new EP, he wanted to offer hope and consolation to everyone, even though we are living in a time when we cannot meet all the people we miss as much as we wish, with the image of a pair of sneakers with wings. The musician picked “Neon Star” as his favorite, adding that he made it while having trouble getting to sleep.

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