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Hanwha Systems wins $40m space radar development deal


Hanwha Systems said Friday it has won a deal worth 45 billion won ($40.7 million) to develop a next-generation space radar that can detect and track space objects with precision.

According to the defense and information technology service unit of Hanwha Group, it has won the Defense Industry Technology Center’s research and development project for the space radar worth 45 billion won.

For the next five years, Hanwha Systems will develop three core technologies including the precise detection and tracking system for space objects and an adaptive optical system that shoots radar to the sky and provides clear images of space regardless of different atmospheric conditions.

“Through this R&D program, Hanwha Systems will do its best to help the military to establish an independent space surveillance and patrol system,” said Hanwha Systems CEO Kim Youn-chul.

As the number of satellites launched by various countries is increasing astronomically, the space radar will be able to help Korea address collisions in space and react to space debris falling to Earth, according to the company.

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