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LG, Hyundai Motor co-work on homelike future car interior

Ioniq Concept Cabin (LG Electronics)
Ioniq Concept Cabin (LG Electronics)

LG Electronics unveiled a collaboration on future car interiors with Hyundai Motor Company, the tech giant said Thursday.

Dubbed the “Ioniq Concept Cabin,” the model offers a glimpse of the inside of how future vehicles could look like if they go fully electrified.

The two companies focused on maximizing the benefit of greater space inside of future electric vehicles than conventional combustion engine cars, aiming to make passengers feel at home.

The Ioniq Concept Cabin features an array of small electronic appliances, like shoes and clothes care machines, coffee makers and mini fridges. 

LG has decorated the ceiling of the vehicle with a flexible organic light-emitting diode display that can be adjusted by passengers at a hand gesture for a comfortable viewing experience.

Speakers inside the headrest of each seat are installed only for the particular sitter, calling it a “personal sound zone,” to not interrupt with noises from other seats.

LG introduced a floor bot, for the first time, which is a type of cleaning bot that is designed to suction dust particles from the floor.

In early January, LG first revealed its future car interior concept that connects vehicles with the home at CES 2020.

“The latest collaboration suggests a new direction for our customers in line with the new paradigm led by EV and autonomous cars,” said Lee Cheol-bae, senior vice president at LG’s leading design research center. “We will continue introducing new appliances for EVs and infotainment systems.”

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