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Han Sung Motor partners with esports firm Gen.G

(Han Sung Motor)
(Han Sung Motor)

Han Sung Motor, an official dealer of Mercedes-Benz Korea, said Wednesday that it has partnered with global esports company Gen.G, to expand its customer base by promoting the brand.

Gen.G is a global esports team that was launched in 2017. It was ranked sixth in the Forbes’ world’s most valuable esports companies last year, with top results at games such as League of Legends. 

Han Sung Motor’s partnership with Gen.G is the first of its kind between a Korean imported car dealer and an esports brand. 

The company said through the partnership, it will become the official automobile supporter of Gen.G’s team and collaborate on marketing for esports programs. 

The automotive dealer will also host events and show matches at its Cheongdam showroom in Seoul, it added. 

“The mutual partnership is truly going to be meaningful since it is the first such agreement with the esports industry as a domestic imported automobile dealer,” said Han Sung Motor CEO Ulf Ausprung.

“As our brand gets more youthful with this momentum, we hope to give a new digitalized experience to the next generations. For both companies we see lots of synergies for potential ahead,” Ausprung added.

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