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Ateez kicks off new year with ‘Answer’

Rising K-pop act Ateez is already out with a new single -- “Answer” -- continuing its bombastic sonic style into the new year.

The brand new single fronts the act’s “Treasure Epilogue: Action to Answer EP,” the last segment to Ateez’s “Treasure” album series that began with its October 2018 debut.

Blending powerful hip-hop elements and melodious electronic dance music sounds, “Answer” is reminiscent of the band’s previous releases “Pirate King,” “Treasure” and “Say My Name.” 

ATEEZ (KQ Entertainment)
ATEEZ (KQ Entertainment)

The dynamic single vacillates between melodic verses and soaring hook, also balancing sleek vocals and charisma-heavy raps tightly weaved into the song.

“Answer” was released with an accompanying music video that shows the act’s flair for a dynamic performance style and high-energy choreography. The clip ends by featuring a mysterious white-masked figure, seemingly hinting at what’s to come next from the group.

The five-track EP also features “Horizon,” another bombastic song that credits leader HongJoong as songwriter and composer, as well as smooth R&B ballad “Star 1117,” a fan song dedicated to Ateez’s fan base Atiny.

The eight-member group -- made up of HongJoong, SeongHwa, YunHo, YeoSang, San, MinGi, WooYoung and JongHo -- debuted in October 2018 with the EP “Treasure EP.1: All to Zero,” with lead singles “Treasure” and “Pirate King.”

The group has succeeded in carving out its own sonic niche, staying away from the more typical boy-next-door image and leaning toward a more aggressive and swaggering hip-hop style. With a name that stands for “A Teenager Z,” the group aims to appeal to every teenager.

Having recently picked up steam worldwide, Ateez is set to tour North America in April.

“Answer” was released Monday evening via local streaming sites. 

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