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Hyundai Motor opens hydrogen showroom in Shanghai

Hyundai Motor has opened a multimedia showroom in Shanghai to promote its hydrogen technology for the next two weeks, the company said Monday.

Named Hyundai Hydrogen World, the showroom will display the South Korean automaker’s technologies in fuel-cell electric vehicles powered by hydrogen and its vision for the hydrogen economy, officials said.

Hyundai Hydrogen World (Hyundai Motor)
Hyundai Hydrogen World (Hyundai Motor)

The 406-square-meter space has five zones to demonstrate air purification function developed for its latest FCEV Nexo, and to visualize the concept of a hydrogen society, which aims to promote Hyundai’s image as a leader in hydrogen technology.

“Hyundai Motor Group plans to actively respond to renewable energy development policy by the Chinese government and provide knowledge related to hydrogen cars to more of the Chinese public,” said Lee Byeong-ho, head of Hyundai Kia China at the opening ceremony of Hyundai Hydrogen World.

Hyundai unveiled a mid- and long-term strategy late last year to keep its global leadership in hydrogen technology. 

Under its FCEV vision 2030, the carmaker plans to establish a mass production system capable of producing 500,000 hydrogen-powered vehicles annually within the next 11 years.

The world’s fifth-largest carmaker succeeded in the mass production of Tucson ix FCEV in 2013 and unveiled its predecessor Nexo last year.

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