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[Newsmaker] Daesung denies association with alleged illegal business in his building

Big Bang’s Daesung on Friday apologized for the ongoing controversy surrounding his building in Gangnam, Seoul, while denying any association with an alleged illegal entertainment business at his property.

News outlets reported earlier Friday that an illegal entertainment business had been operating in the Big Bang member’s building in the Nonhyeon-dong neighborhood of Gangnam. 


An initial report said that an illegal entertainment business -- speculated to involve prostitution -- has been operating at the premises since 2005, before Daesung bought the property in 2017 for 31 billion won ($26.2 million).

The report included testimony from local business owners about an illegal entertainment business purportedly operating in the building.

It also found that three floors of the building -- from the fifth to eighth floors – were possibly being used for surreptitious activities. The four floors are supposed to house restaurants and a photo studio, but could not be accessed, according to the report.

As controversy has grown, Daesung released a statement in which he apologized over the controversy. He said he has not been perfect in the management of the building largely because he had to start his military service right after purchasing the building.

He also apologized for being unaware of the details about businesses operating inside his building and pledged to take responsibility as the property owner. He added that he will also take legal actions against businesses in his building if they are found to be operating illegally.

By Shim Woo-hyun (