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Taiwanese woman booked in Burning Sun probe

The South Korean police said Friday they have booked a Taiwanese businesswoman who was a major foreign investor of scandal-ridden nightclub Burning Sun in southern Seoul on a charge of embezzling money from the club in collusion with former BIGBANG member Seungri and his business partner.

"We booked the Taiwanese national earlier in the day on charges of having misappropriated money from Burning Sun," the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said. 


The woman, known as "Mrs. Lin" here, is suspected of having pocketed 570 million won ($480,000) at the club by pretending to hire an employee and paying the imaginary figure a wage via a fake bank account managed by her Korean guide and safe keeper, surnamed Ahn, the agency said.

She is alleged to have colluded with Seungri and his business partner Yoo In-suk, a former head of Yuri Holdings Co., in committing the embezzlement, according to the agency.

In a separate case, Seungri and Yoo are suspected of embezzling about 530 million won from Burning Sun by having the nightclub pay money to Monkey Museum, a Seoul club co-founded by the two, to use its brand and to Nemo Partners, a consulting firm founded by Yoo, as a consultation fee.

The aggregate amount of the two's alleged embezzlement, therefore, has increased to 1.1 billion won with the newly discovered misappropriation.

Burning Sun stands at the center of sex and drugs scandals involving Seungri and other K-pop stars. The club closed down in February after it came under investigation over drug use, sexual violence and corrupt ties with district police. (Yonhap)