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Korean deep-sea divers to take part in rescue operation in Hungary

A 12-man South Korean rescue team was to leave for Hungary on Thursday night to participate in the search operation for missing Korean tourists who boarded a cruise boat that capsized on the Danube River in Budapest, a government agency said.

The National Fire Agency said its rescue team comprising nine deep-sea divers and three officials will leave Incheon International Airport, west of Seoul, at 8 p.m. for the Eastern European country.

It will be the first time for NFA divers to participate in an overseas rescue operation.


Many of the NFA divers bound for Hungary are veterans who also participated in the rescue operations for passengers of the Sewol ferry that sank off southwest South Korea in 2014.

Seven South Koreans died and 19 others went missing after a tourist boat carrying them capsized on the Danube River in Hungary's capital on Wednesday (local time).

Seoul's foreign ministry has already dispatched a team of officials to Hungary.

The NFA said its rescue team will cooperate with the foreign ministry's team and the Hungarian authorities in the search operations. (Yonhap)