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Woman, 28, dies after being hit by two cars on expressway

A woman in her 20s was killed by two consecutive collisions on an expressway that occurred at 3:52 a.m. Monday.

Gimpo Police Station said it had obtained video footage from the dashcam in the woman’s car, a Mercedes-Benz C200, showing that she stopped in the middle lane of the three-lane expressway with emergency lights on, got out of the car and moved to the back. She was soon struck by a taxi. She was then hit again by an SUV. 

(Incheon Fire Department, Yonhap)
(Incheon Fire Department, Yonhap)

She died in the ambulance from head injuries while being taken to a nearby hospital.

The two other drivers are being investigated on suspicions of speeding in the death of the woman.

The woman’s husband, who was in the passenger seat prior to the accident, told police he and his wife stopped the car in the middle lane of the Seoul-bound Incheon Airport Expressway because he had to go to the bathroom.

As he walked toward trees on the side of road, he prompted the car in the right-most lane to slow down, in turn causing the taxi behind it to change lanes abruptly and hit his wife, the police said.

An officer at Gimpo Police Station said an autopsy request will be filed with the National Forensic Service. Police said they will also investigate why the husband first exited the vehicle.

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