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Police who handled Hwang Ha-na’s 2015 drug use allegation questioned

Police said Tuesday they had questioned two police officers about allegations that Hwang Ha-na, the granddaughter of the founder of a major South Korean dairy company, avoided a probe into drug use in 2015.


The two officers had investigated cases involving Hwang, 31, the granddaughter of Namyang Dairy Products founder Hong Du-yeong, who was suspected of having sold and used methamphetamine in 2015. She faces fresh allegations she used illegal drugs last April.

In 2015, Hwang was booked on charges of selling and taking illegal drugs. But she was never called in for questioning and avoided being indicted.

Another person, who had been accused of using the illegal substance with Hwang and identified only by the surname Cho, was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison suspended for three years, triggering suspicions that Hwang avoided punishment due to her influential family.

There are also allegations that Hwang asked for Cho to be framed for the drug use and offered 100 million won ($87,510) for covering up her involvement, according to a news report. Police said they will investigate the allegations.

The questioning came as police are expanding drug investigations involving celebrities.

Hwang, who was arrested Saturday on suspicion of using drugs and taking part in the drug trade, said a celebrity acquaintance forced her to take drugs last year. She was injected with drugs while asleep and was asked to buy drugs, according to a news report.

Police have launched an investigation into the person Hwang has accused.

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