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Labor Ministry names 50 companies with gender imbalance

The Ministry of Employment and Labor on Friday released a list of 50 companies lagging behind in gender equality in a country with the biggest gender wage gap among member states of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Fifty companies here were categorized as those that need to take action to resolve gender imbalance in employment, up from 42 companies last year and 27 companies in 2017.

For the first time since 2006, when the ministry began keeping track of gender imbalance, five state-run companies were included on the list: Korea Gas Technology Corp., Livestock Health Control Association, Korea Institute of Radiological Medical Sciences, Korea Small Business Institute and Korea Water & Wastewater Works Association.

Korea Gas Technology Corp. had 73 female employees, making up 4.8 percent of 1,514 staff. There were no women among its 98 managerial-level workers.

In the private sector, local food company Paldo and JW Pharmaceutical were also classified as companies that need to take action. 


The number of companies failing to reach the proportion of female employees recommended by the government has increased over the past three years, standing at 734 companies in 2017 and 776 companies last year, data showed.

The range of companies surveyed this year was expanded to include those with over 300 employees.

“More companies were included in the survey this year, and we will make sure to tackle gender discrimination in employment at private and public companies,” the ministry said.

Information on the 50 companies will be posted on the ministry’s website for the next six months, including the number of staff and female employees. These companies will receive penalty points in the Public Procurement Service’s selection of outstanding products.

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