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Cousins arrested over illegal porn sites

Gyeongnam Provincial Police said Monday that they had arrested cousins accused of running illegal pornography websites and profiting from sex trafficking advertisements.

The suspects are accused of uploading about 100,000 illegal spycam videos and porn on seven websites they are said to have run since 2015. The suspects are also accused of uploading about 15,000 sex trafficking advertisements, from which they are said to have reaped 200 million won ($180,000).


“The suspects had secured 40 web domains to easily replace a site if it went down,” police said. “The websites were also on Japanese servers to prevent them from being tracked.”

A programmer was also booked without detention on charges of aiding and abetting in running illegal sites.

“The confirmed victims of the illegal videos will be given protection as well as legal support,” police said.

By Kim Jee-min (
Korea Herald Youtube