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[US-NK Summit] Trump says sanctions will remain until nukes ‘no longer an issue’

US President Donald Trump said Tuesday that sanctions on North Korea will remain until nuclear weapons are “no longer an issue.”

In the press conference held after his meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore, Trump said that he has no plans to ease any sanctions in the immediate future.

Trump, however, hinted that lifting of sanctions may not necessarily coincide with the completion of the denuclearization process. 

US President Donald Trump waves after a news conference (Reuters-Yonhap)
US President Donald Trump waves after a news conference (Reuters-Yonhap)

Saying that while complete denuclearization takes time, Trump said that there is a point in the denuclearization process after which nuclear weapons become unusable.

Regarding the timetable, Trump said that the process will be carried out “as fast as it is mechanically and physically possible.”

On the matter of verifying whether North Korea follows through with denuclearization, Trump said that the process will involve a combination of the US and international team.

Asked what makes him believe that North Korea is committed to denuclearization this time around, Trump emphasized the administration change in the US, and that Kim’s actions and words hint at changes in Pyongyang.

According to Trump, Kim raised the matter of Pyongyang breaking past agreements on denuclearization, and said that his decision to dismantle a missile development site shows Pyongyang’s commitment.

“I think he wants to do this as much, or even more than me because he sees a very bright future for North Korea,” Trump said.

Trump also revealed that North Korea plans to dismantle a missile engine testing site.

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