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Congratulatory messages from political leaders and policymakers


President Moon Jae-in

I offer my heartfelt congratulations to The Korea Herald on its 20,000th issue.
Founded on Liberation Day in 1953, The Korea Herald, as a leading English newspaper in Korea, has made great contributions to promoting Korea around the world. I am deeply grateful to its executives and staff members for their dedicated service.
We are now standing at a historic starting point at the opening of a new era on the Korean Peninsula. I look forward to The Korea Herald playing an active role in our endeavors to establish peace on the Korean Peninsula and in the world as well as common prosperity in South and North Korea. This will, in turn, lead to unfailing success under the auspices of the international community.
May The Korea Herald enjoy lasting success.


Chung Sye-kyun
National Assembly Speaker

Congratulations on the 20,000th issue of The Korea Herald.
Since its establishment in 1953, The Korea Herald has offered the international community a window into South Korea.
Based on its own unique articles and news contents, The Korea Herald has shared the experience and achievement of South Korea with people around the world.
Taking this opportunity, I would like to express my utmost appreciation to The Korea Herald staff for their great work during the 65-year journey.

Do Jong-hwan
Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism

I sincerely congratulate the 20,000th issue of The Korea Herald!
The Korea Herald was founded in 1953 and has been the English newspaper representing the country for the past 65 years, contributing to delivering the true image of Korea to the rest of the world through in-depth articles and accurate information.
I pray that The Korea Herald will continue to convey the image of the "Korea Peninsula stepping toward peace" to the world, be loved by the readers and continue to grow.

Choo Mi-ae
Chairperson of Democratic Party of Korea

The Korea Herald has made a great contribution to improving the profile of South Korea since its establishment in 1953.
In English, “Herald“ means a sign that something is about to happen. I believe The Korea Herald deserves its name by offering a guideline for our society.
I am looking forward to seeing The Korea Herald become a news outlet that can bring the truth to light and lay the groundwork for a better society.

Hong Joon-pyo
Chairman of Liberty Korea Party

I sincerely congratulate the publishing of the 20,000th issue.
Up to today as South Korea stands prosperous, The Korea Herald has let the world know about the country and played an important role in aiding the nation to cooperate with the international society.
I look forward to further contribution of The Korea Herald in opening the era of global South Korea, with your hard-nosed reporting for the benefit of the nation.

Park Joo-sun
Co-chairman of Bareunmirae Party

Congratulations to The Korea Herald for publishing its 20,000th issue.
I express my deep gratitude to The Korea Herald for taking the role as a spokesperson of history, becoming the eyes and ears for the people for the past 65 years.
I sincerely wish for The Korea Herald to continue to play its role of salt and light in the society and be a truthful media.

Yoo Seong-min
Co-chairman of Bareunmirae Party

I sincerely congratulate The Korea Herald, the representative English newspaper in South Korea, on its 20,000th issue. The Korea Herald has reported to the world about the joy, pain, glory and tribulations of South Korea. It has greatly served in its role as a citizen diplomat of the nation.  
I wish the best for The Korea Herald in its continued growth with the support from its readers around the world.

Lee Jeong-mi
Chairwoman of Justice Party

Congratulations on the 20,000th issue of The Korea Herald.
I truly wish that The Korea Herald, which has applied the value of humanity and nature in its most honest words, will continue to be a companion of the citizens for a very long time.  
I will always show our support for The Korea Herald, which will blaze across the world and lead our economy.

Cho Bae-sook
Chairwoman of Party for Democracy and Peace

Congratulations on the 20,000th issue of The Korea Herald.
The Korea Herald, which was born in the ashes of the Korean War, has heralded to the world our true selves through its unique strength as an English-language newspaper in South Korea. It has also made meaningful contributions in elevating South Korea’s status within the international community.
We ask The Korea Herald to continue the effort of making a righteous and beautiful world through honest writings. We wish The Korea Herald tremendous success.

Choi Jong-ku
Chairman of the Financial Services Commission

Special congratulations to The Korea Herald on its 20,000th issue, an extraordinary milestone in its history of 65 years. Since its first publication in 1953, The Korea Herald has been one of the pioneers in reaching out to the global audience, delivering news related to Korea in the areas of politics, economy, society and culture.
I hope The Korea Herald will continue to be a leading voice in communicating with global investors, contributing to bolstering Korea’s presence in global financial markets. I wish The Korea Herald a sustainable and prosperous journey in the future.

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