SNU Hospital doctor embroiled in sexual violence allegations

By Catherine Chung

Medical officials vow to look into reported malfeasance of the doctor

  • Published : Mar 8, 2018 - 15:16
  • Updated : Mar 8, 2018 - 15:19
Following the recent resignation of a victim of sexual assault, Seoul National University Hospital doctors have called on the hospital to investigate the alleged crimes committed by one of their colleagues on Thursday.

Amid the growing #MeToo movement, doctors have come forward to support the victim, reporting the alleged crime on her behalf.

The accused doctor, however, has denied all allegations, describing the sexual encounters as “consensual.” He plans to take legal action against his accusers.

Twelve doctors from the Department of Psychiatry’s Planning Personnel Committee jointly said that the suspect had sexually harassed Seoul National University medical students and hospital staff on multiple occasions. They also accused the doctor of prescribing excessive doses of morphine.

Initial doses of morphine lead to euphoria, but at higher doses, hallucinations, delirium, dizziness and confusion may manifest. It can also cause headaches and memory loss.

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It is the first time here that doctors at a large-scale teaching hospital have accused a fellow doctor of sexual harassment.

According to witnesses, the accused doctor had sexually harassed a nurse during the department’s workshop held in October 2013. The doctor reportedly made inappropriate sexual comments for several hours.

The victim, who reportedly suffered from the traumatic incident, transferred to a SNU- affiliated hospital, Boramae Medical Center, but eventually resigned.

Seoul National University Hospital is facing a barrage of criticism from the group of doctors, who say the hospital failed to take proper action in response to past sexual violence and harassment revelations in the hospital.

The group also said that the victim has shown willingness to testify in court.

Additional sex allegations have also come to the group’s attention. The doctor is being accused of sexually harassing researchers, nurses, graduate students and attending physicians throughout 2014.

In response to the growing problem of sexual violence at the hospital, a SNU Hospital official said Thursday that a “thorough investigation will be launched soon.” 

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