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2AM’s Jo Kwon fires back at article mocking him

Jo Kwon of 2AM slammed an article with a headline that mocked the singer.

On Thursday, Jo posted to his Twitter account a screen capture of a headline of a local media report, with a caption that said “I’ve been ignoring all the gossip and malicious comments about me, but this is surely the lowest of low among the articles I’ve seen.”

(Jo Kwon`s Twitter)
(Jo Kwon`s Twitter)

The headline read, “Jo Kwon, Is this real? Do you want to date this man? Sorry, I’m a married man,” along with a photo of the singer dressed as a woman from a scene in Mnet’s “Golden Tambourine” from last year. During the show, he had dressed up as different women and given performances.

Jo continued, “The title itself is begging for attention. It’s almost derision. Hey, I’m sorry, too. Please keep your dignity when writing malicious comments. I wonder what’s in their minds when pounding the keyboard.”

The 2AM frontman has been the center of rumors questioning his sexual identity due to his performances that blur gender lines.  He recently brushed off detractors and questions regarding his sexual identity during a media showcase for his new single “Dawn.”

"I am aware of those rumors, but I don’t care at all. That’s who I am, and I will keep expressing myself and my talents,” said Jo at the event.