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Ministry to receive safety complaints in English

The Ministry of the Interior and Safety said Monday it will start receiving safety complaints in English through its online reporting system, as part of efforts to better protect the growing multinational population.

English services for the ministry’s “Safety e-Report” system ( are to open Tuesday, allowing foreign residents to report risk factors in their daily lives. The reports will be translated into Korean and referred to relevant government agencies within seven days. 
Safety e-Report website
Safety e-Report website

The complaints could cover, for example, malfunctioning traffic lights, dangerous trail paths, dangers of sexual violation or food poisoning, suspected illegal activities, breaches of laws or regulations, cyber insecurity or cracks in apartment walls.

Those wishing to file complaints can fill out a form in English, attach photos and write a brief description via the website or its mobile application. Those who have filed complaints can check on the progress and follow-up measures taken by the government via the website or mobile app by entering the report number and their registered phone number.

Safety e-Report website
Safety e-Report system

The ministry since 2014 has run a “Sinmumgo” system that allows Koreans to file complaints and petitions on possible risk factors in their lives through a website and app in an effort to solve people’s grievances.

The ministry said Monday it had received 210,000 complaints this year, up 40 percent from the previous year. It added that 87 percent of the cases were solved or in the process of being solved.

Of the reports, the highest 43.4 percent were on safety of facilities, roads and buildings, followed by transport safety (24.1 percent). Nearly 82 percent of reports were taken care of by regional governments and state-run agencies, according to the ministry.