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Park Yu-chun’s wedding delayed

Singer-actor Park Yu-chun’s wedding has been put off once again, as the date has not been set yet, according to his agency.

In July, the member of JYJ confirmed the wedding rumors -- which had been circulating since April -- and subsequent reports said his wedding would take place on Sept. 10. It was later reported that the date had been postponed to Sept. 20.

Park Yu-chun (C-Jes Entertainment)
Park Yu-chun (C-Jes Entertainment)

“A specific date hasn’t been set yet. Park technically never confirmed the date himself, so it can’t be said that the wedding has been delayed,” C-Jes Entertainment said.

Park’s bride-to-be is the 28-year-old granddaughter of Namyang Dairy Products’ founder.

Park, 31, was discharged from his mandatory military service last month.

Upon being discharged, he told fans that he would “spend time looking back on his life,” which fueled rumors that the wedding might be canceled.

Earlier this year, the K-pop star was embroiled in a sexual assault scandal, but he was cleared of all charges. One of the accusers, who is on trial for false accusation, is slated to hold a press conference on Sept. 21.

By Yoon Min-sik