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[Graphic News] South Korean egg scandal

Only about 10 percent of eggs, or 4.5 million, subject to recall for possible contamination with harmful pesticides have been seized by the authorities as of Tuesday, officials said, suggesting that the majority of them may have already been bought or consumed.

A total of 52 poultry farms in South Korea were found to have used insecticides not permitted for poultry farming, including fipronil, in a nationwide examination conducted between Aug. 15 -18. All eggs produced from July 1, estimated to be over 42 million, are subject to recall to be discarded.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs on Tuesday, the 52 farms, currently suspended for illegal pesticide use, will be allowed to resume egg production once they pass tests. Normally re-inspection takes place in about six months’ time, but the authorities plan to conduct it sooner.

President Moon Jae-in on Monday apologized for the tainted egg scandal and vowed to enhance food safety and the livestock farming environment.

He called for a thorough examination of the entire livestock industry safety control system and ordered staff to promptly craft measures that can be trusted by citizens. 

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