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‘Man Who Dies to Live’ apologizes for its depiction of Islamic culture

The creators of MBC drama series “Man Who Dies to Live” apologized on Sunday for the show’s controversial depiction of Islamic culture.

The show, which airs every Wednesday and Thursday, came under fire for depicting a caricature of what appears to be Islamic culture in a comical fashion. 


“Our intent was not to maliciously distort of comically depict Islamic or Arabic culture. We apologize for causing concern with our inappropriate depiction,” officials said, issuing the apology in Korean, English and Arabic.

The show is about characters related to the fictional kingdom of Bodantia, which bears some resemblance to the Arab world.

In recent episodes of the show, a woman was seen wearing both a bikini and a hijab, along with an advertisement saying, “Buy one princess, get two for free.”

The depictions caused furor for insensitivity in depicting foreign culture.
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