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Police warn about sexual crimes on subways

Police have warned about the rise in sexual harassment crimes on subways during the summer season.

According to a study conducted by the Southern Gyeonggi Subway Police Station, 148 men were accused of sexually harrassing women on the subway last year, up from 126 in 2015.


In the first half of this year, the number of sexual crimes caught on subways reached 104. The total figure is expected to rise by the end of the year.

Of each reported number, crimes tend to be more often committed in the summer than in the winter, especially concerning hidden camera crimes.

The rise is attributed to the widespread usage of the smartphone, which is used by some men to secretly film and take pictures of women.

Last Tuesday, a male college student was arrested for filming underneath a woman‘s skirt while on an escalator at a subway station in Suwon.

On July 15, a man in his 20s was also caught filming underneath a woman’s skirt while going up the escalator at a subway station in Pyeongtaek. He was arrested and charged.

“We are working to strictly monitor sexual harassment crimes in public spaces,” said the subway police. They also announced that they would increase the number of patrols at stations.

By Paige Shin / Intern reporter (

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